Welcome to MenziWeb Realty Design. Did you know that about 75% of the people use the internet to search for real estate? This is true, and of that 75% about 95% of these people are using listings. In today's real estate market having just the right website can make the difference between you and your competitor.

A professionally done website brings in greater profits, attracts more customers and helps you get in touch with the right partners. At MenziWeb Realty Design we specialize in website development and maintenance. Our primary focus is the development of affordable and professional websites for real estate agents in the rental properties industry.

  Basic Package
  • 5 pages, (i.e. Home, About Me, Communities, Contact Information )
Starting at $499
  Advanced Package
  • Includes Basic Package Features
  • Search listings page
  • Listing database and administration pages (Agent, Landlord/Owner, Listing)
  • One-time import of external data
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  Pro Package
  • Includes Advanced Package Features
  • Client database, call pages
  • Listing marketing tools
  • Custom email alerts, integrations, etc.
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Our listings database and administration is an important feature that we feel every rental agent should have on their website. If you already have a website but are interested in integrating our listings database contact us for more information.

We will work closely with you in developing your website so that it will give the right message to your clients and customers.

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